I Knew I Needed To Do Something: Meet HCCF Member Kenny Bryant

I first came to CrossFit due to what felt like a desperate need to lose weight. When I went to get my physical and saw how much weight I had gained since moving to Charleston, I knew I needed to do something. My brother in-law started CrossFit a few years ago and lost tons of weight so I thought I would give it a try.

My first impression was definitely, “this is going to be impossible.” There were so many movements I couldn’t do. Sometimes I would look at the WOD and become overwhelmed just reading it.

That impression changed when I was introduced to scaling. It’s amazing how the coaches can tweak workouts so they are still challenging for you, but the movements are appropriate for your skill level and experience.

My first “Bright Spot” was when I got my first physical since joining Holy City Fitness, showing I lost 28lbs.

I’m still working on EVERYTHING! There are still so many movements I struggle with. I would like to get an unassisted pull-up. Even as a high school athlete I struggled with pull-ups, so that’s one of my next goals. 

My favorite thing about being at Holy City Fitness is the family atmosphere. I love the fact that Brandan and Jessica really care about their members.

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