It’s Brought Out My Inner Xena Warrior Princess: Meet HCCF Member Laura Locklair

An unhealthy relationship with cookie dough and a desire to button my jeans brought me to CrossFit. I came to HCCF looking for an immersive and dynamic way to get stronger to help me get back on track after the baby (she’s two and a half – can I still call her a baby?) and to deal with work stress (in a way that didn’t involve eating my feelings).

In my past life, I’ve been a long distance runner,  a Bikram yoga devotee, and bounced around Orange Theory, Les Mills workouts, and Beach Body programs. My sister (who is also my former workout partner and current idol and spirit animal) has been CrossFitting for years and inspired me to give it a go.

Walking in the door, I expected that CrossFit was going to be too intense for me. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that with on-ramp training, the encouragement of other members, knowledgeable and form-focused instruction, scaling options offered without judgment, and awesome coaching that has brought out my inner Xena Warrior Princess.

HCCF has turned out to be the perfect fit for me. The constant attention to alignment and good form has been central to HCCF from jump and that has made me feel more confident and prepared as I’ve up weight and/or the degree of difficulty. 

My first formal, online-posted bright spot was taking part in Sarah MacDonald’s dance instruction class: it was a workout, a laugh factory, a great way to spend time with HCCF members, and an opportunity to pretend to be Beyoncé’s backup dancer (complete with strobe lights and fans) all in one. It remains one of my favorite evenings of all time.

Other bright spots include climbing a rope for the first time (important zombie apocalypse skill), 24 inch box jumps (my high school basketball coach wouldn’t believe it), and doing a wall-assisted head stand (a literal and figurative rush).

I continue to work on so many things. Being on time to class. Not crying when burpees are in the WOD. Nutrition. Handstands. The list goes on. I have a vision board if anyone is interested.

My favorite thing about Holy City Fitness is never leaving class disappointed, without a high five or without first leaving a choir of sweat angels on the floor. The question of the day is a high point as well, as getting to know the people that you are doing feats of strength next to is cool and the responses are usually pretty informative, impressive and/or hilarious.

Everyone at HCCF contributes in some meaningful way to the experience. Whether it’s the coaches that guide and challenge you, the members that encourage and sweat on you, the pros that impress and inspire you, the new members that remind you why you came, everyone brings something to the table that makes each workout different and special.

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to socialize with friends, get advice, a fist bump or a chance to vent after a long day, and also work to stronger, healthier and slightly more balanced – all at HCCF.  

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