March Member of the Month: Will Andrews

Our member of the month for March is the one and only Will Andrews!

Will Andrews joined Holy City in June of 2021. He was hoping to find a place to create a sense of community and get an intense and challenging workout.

Sure enough, he’s made some great friends and his glutes have grown remarkably thanks to our Glutes Specialty Program!

Will is our March Member of the Month because of his commitment and his attitude. Will is a very consistent person: he consistently shows up to classes, consistently works hard in the workout, and most of all he is consistently kind, upbeat, and engaging to those around him.

He came looking for a community and he has now most definitely become a cornerstone of the community at HCCF!

Congrats, Will – we’re so glad you’re here!

So why CrossFit?
I was looking for an intense and challenging workout with a sense of community. I found it!

What’s your favorite gym movement?
Biggg bench guy , or power clean

What’s your favorite thing about HCCF?
The community. When you’re on your own in a gym it’s more difficult to show up and have fun. With a bunch of friends you crave showing up, it’s much easier to get a good workout as well.

Fun fact?
I once told Willie Nelson that he smelled bad.

If you could live in a movie, what and why?
Peter Pan because growing up is not as cool as staying a kid.