My Food Journey: Coach Ryne

If I were to ask you what your relationship status with food was what would you say?

For many people, the answer is, “It’s complicated.” 

My journey with food has covered a lot of ground over the years and could probably be described as complicated. At this point, it is almost easier to tell you what diets and lifestyles I have not tried than it is to tell you what I have (I still have not given intermittent fasting a try, yet.)

One theme that runs throughout my food journey is a desire to find balance in a few areas, namely convenience, performance, and sustainability. Over the years these three characteristics have become the litmus test for my nutrition choices. 

If we go back to my high school days, I would say I ate what most high school kids did–everything. I had no concept of “clean” eating.

I was young and benefited from a high metabolism. I thought I could out-train a bad diet.

It was not until college and collegiate athletics that I began to understand the link between food and my performance. While in college, I seemed to stay in a perpetual “bulking” stage – always seeking to gain more muscle.

I finished every workout with a protein shake and consumed as much as I could in the dining hall. I was growing in my awareness of the importance of food but I did not have a clear plan in place.

After college I discovered CrossFit and with it, my interest in nutrition took off. I tried Zone, Paleo, and counting macros over the next 3 years.

Mostly, I felt anxiety around my food. From counting the calories of everything entering my body to reading nutrition labels seeking to uncover hidden ingredients, I began to feel like eating healthy was a part-time job (and some days a full-time one).

It was clear to me that this was not sustainable. I would sprint for a few weeks, maybe a month or two, and then crash again when it all became overwhelming. 

Through all of this trial and error, I learned a lot. It was from these years of experimenting that I became to realize how important the three characteristics I mentioned earlier were.

I knew that for me finding a plan that was convenient with my schedule and did not require me to spend hours in the kitchen was important.

I also knew that I wanted to have a plan that was sustainable and did not require me to go from one detox to the other. 

Currently, I seek to prioritize eating fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed foods. I have found a plan that works for me (800g Challenge).

I am content with my weight on the scale and my performance in and out of the gym.

For me, this journey has been about finding the balance I need.

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