6 Ways to Get Back on Track After Vacation

We all love to go on vacation. That time away gives us all that much needed reprieve from our daily stressors and allows us to recharge our batteries and rest.

We often also use this time away to indulge and throw our exercise and diet regime out of the window. After we lay down our luggage when we return home, we are often left with a feeling of guilt and a sense of failure due to the notion that we have undone months of hard work for no good reason.

Here are a few helpful tips to get back into fighting shape after your fitness drought and a few ways to avoid those post vacay fitness blues!

  • Limit alcohol: One surefire way to avoid wholly falling off the wagon is to take it easy on the alcohol. With vacations comes indulgence and having a few more drinks than normal is par for the course due to the celebratory nature of vacations in general. No need to go completely dry, just limit consumption to one or two at dinner and not several throughout the day.

  • Avoid excessive eating: A main component of why we gain weight from vacations is in fact due to our caloric surplus that we establish. Set a goal to eat as close to normal as possible. Yes you can eat, but just keep portion sizes in mind.

  • Manage your expectations: This is a biggie… No, you did not set yourself back months. Yes, you might have gained a few pounds. You will not undo all of your work in just a week. Your first workout may be a bit tough, but your body will shake the cobwebs loose and you will be back to your former abilities in no time.

  • Set a time for your first workout and DO NOT bail: Getting back in the gym can be a struggle for some, don’t let it be one for you.

  • Workout with a friend who can keep you accountable: A solid foundation of support is vital. Have someone that can help you as you transition back to your normal routine.

  • Be patient: Simply respect the process and allow your body to get back to normal. Don’t beat yourself up with negativity. Stay positive and just put in the work.

We all need to rest from time to time. Taking some time off from the gym is beneficial and necessary for your body.

If you gain a few pounds while away, relax! You will lose it in no time, just stay active, keep your calories in checks, and drink lots of water.

Don’t get stuck in your head about it. you still look great and you have not lost your fitness. Your body remembers, keep your mind positive.