The Holy City Fitness Experience: A Guide to Your First Group CrossFit Class

One of the most common beliefs about CrossFit is that it’s scary. But really, what’s scary is the unknown. We’re all scared to try something new. What if we’re not good at it?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – no one is good at CrossFit when they start it.

It is no secret that Crossfit can be a demanding and rewarding fitness lifestyle, but many will shy away due to preconceived notions of the culture they think will encounter.

Some worry that the gym will be too intense too often or that the culture is aggressive or ultra competitive.

At Holy City Fitness, nothing could be further from those very real concerns. To put your mind at ease, I’m going to share with you how your first group class will go when you decide to join the fun at Holy City Fitness.


As you walk into the gym, you will usually first be greeted by the coach for that class, smile and welcoming demeanor included.

If you have never met that coach they will undoubtedly introduce themselves and you will notice the interest that they take in you. Not just as it pertains to the gym, but also your work, family, or interests.

This is because at Holy City, we take a special interest in all of our members and truly want to know you and what you’re about. 


Your coach will then gather the class to the TV where the workout of the day is displayed and begin to thoroughly explain the movements and intended stimulus of each section of the workout.

Your coach will also begin to introduce other members to you so you’ll begin to make friends before the workout even starts. Bonus!

Warm Up

You’ll break apart for a brief warm up where your coach will demo each movement and check in with you that you understand the movements, because the coach will know that this is your first class and wants to make sure you’re comfortable!

After the warm up comes the preparation for the workout. This may include gathering any equipment needed for the workout such as barbells, boxes, or dumbbells.

Workout prep

Your coach will give a comprehensive explanation of the workout itself. This will also include your coach demonstrating and teaching each movement.

The group is then put through several practice reps, the coach giving corrections as needed to ensure safety and proficiency. If at any time you feel unsure or overwhelmed, your coach will be available to help you or answer questions.

Next comes the main event of the class, your workout!


These will constantly change so you will be able to develop new physical skills with each class that grow over time. Your coach will be there to motivate you the entire time, walking around the room to ensure proper form and safety of each member.

Your coach will always be close by and will assist you or answer any questions you have, even if you’re in the middle of the workout.

You will notice that the energy in the room is high, with the cheering and music blaring. It is hard not to want to move with so much good energy traveling through the room!


Once your workout is over, your coach will come by to check on you and ask you how it went.

Every member will be congratulated for their performance, regardless of the weight used or how fast they were. This is because just showing up is the big win.

Showing up consistently will ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

Here you will meet amazing people, receive top tier coaching, and soon you’ll be looking forward to every class you attend. You will discover it is quite the contrast from where you were before you started. 

This is the Holy City Fitness experience. Whether it is your first class or fiftieth class, you will always be greeted with a culture of community that works hard and smiles through it all.

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