What is an active shoulder?

woman holding barbell overhead with an active shoulder

If you’ve ever taken a class with us, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term ‘active shoulders’ more than once. ⁠

But what does that mean? ⁠

An active shoulder is one that is engaged in what’s going on. It’s paying attention to what it’s doing all the time; it’s not asleep at the wheel.⁠

It pushes back when things get tough. It has grace under pressure and supports the smaller joints around it to help them carry their portion of the load too. ⁠

It works smarter so it can work harder.⁠

It is not loose, floppy, nor does it buckle and give up under the weight of whatever it carries. ⁠

It’s not perfect, and sometimes the weight of what it’s carrying gets to be too much, and it doesn’t feel like it can hold it.

But it repositions, regroups, resets, and keeps pushing back.⁠

Every. Single. Day. ⁠

We can learn a lot from an active shoulder, yes? ⁠